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The right AI for your business

At Connect AI, we revolutionise the way small- and mid-size businesses harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to democratise AI, making it accessible and profitable for businesses of all sizes.

We're a Swiss company with a youthful spirit and we're passionate about helping businesses thrive in the AI revolution.


Accelerate productivity, maximise efficiency and enable growth.

AI Consulting

Assess how AI can help your business. Understand the opportunities and limits of AI in action.
AI Strategy Assessment

Customer Support

Transform customer engagement and support with AI integration.
AI empowered Customer Assistant

Sales & Marketing Automation

Integrate AI in your sales process or marketing campaign.
Lead qualification, User engagement

Business Automation

Leverage AI to streamline workflows and automise tasks.
ChatGPT for employees, automate workflows


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We could reduce our customer service tickets by 30% through the integration of AI in our customer support.

We were able to automate a big part of our employee onboarding through an AI agent.

Clients Say

Matthias Zwingli

CEO & Founder

Free Consultation

Let's build your
AI strategy

Improve productivity, efficiency, and growth

At Connect AI, we're dedicated democratising Artificial Intelligence and accompanying our clients in accelerating productivity, optimising efficiency, and fostering growth through the adaptation of AI.

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Discover Success Stories from Our Enterprise Customers

Discover how Connect AI has transformed businesses like yours to thrive in the digital age.

Maintaining best in class customer service, while growing 30% year over year.

Up to 30% fewer customer tickets, showcasing streamlined query resolutions.
95% Accuracy rate for inquiries handled by the AI Assistant...

Digital Republic

OpenAI, Switzerland, Customer Service, Telecom

Streamlining Employee Onboarding: Expeerly's AI Agent Revolutionizes Content Creator Integration

Efficient onboarding and support for freelancers are pivotal in the dynamic landscape of content creation. Expeerly, a prominent platform for content creators, confronted the challenge of...


OpenAI, United States, Business Automation, Marketplace

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