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Connecting Dots
"AI doesn't replace companies. Companies that use AI replace those that don't."

About Us

About Connect AI

We're a Swiss company with a youthful spirit, deep passion for AI, and an ambitious task: to revolutionise the way small- and mid-size businesses harness the power of AI.

Our mission is to democratise AI and make it accessible and profitable for business of all sizes, not only the giants.

Our Mission

We are a Swiss company based in Zurich.

At Connect AI, we're dedicated democratising Artificial Intelligence and accompanying our clients in accelerating productivity, optimising efficiency, and fostering growth through the adaptation of AI.

Improve productivity, efficiency, and growth

Services we offer

Elevate customer engagement with GPT-powered assistants, integrate AI into sales and business processes for personalised outreach and revenue growth. Learn more about how we transform businesses.

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Our Impact

Discover how Connect AI has transformed businesses like yours. From enabling AI-powered customer support to streamlining employee onboarding, our AI solutions drive tangible results across industries.

Managing Director at Digital Republic

Ali Soy

"We reduced our customer service ticket resolution time by 30% through the integration of AI in our customer support."

Who We Are

Our Expert Team

Behind Connect AI's success stands a team of dedicated professionals. Our experts bring diverse skills and a shared enthusiasm for transforming businesses with AI solutions.

"Together we empower your business with cutting-edge AI technology"

CEO and Founder of Connect AI

Matthias Zwingli

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CEO & Founder

Matthias Zwingli
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Maestro of Innovation

Mikolaj Weiss
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Get in Touch

Interested in exploring how AI can elevate your business?

Contact us to learn more or book a free consultation with our experts.

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